What are Dokkaebi? The story of Korean Goblins

What are Dokkaebi - Korean Goblins

Korean pop culture has entered the mainstream on a global scale in recent years, but little is known about Korean mythology. Yet, Korean folklore is riddled with interesting creatures and stories, each with with its own appeal. Here, we ask – what are Dokkaebi? Read on for the story of Korean goblins.  What are Dokkaebi? … Read more

What is Stoicism? Philosophy and Principles

What is Stoicism

In recent years, the philosophical concept of Stoicism has made a reappearance in mainstream media, with many adopting its principles into everyday life. Yet, a large chunk of the population may be asking themselves, what is stoicism? Read on to find out the basic philosophical principles of stoicism, it’s history, and how it is applicable … Read more

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Mythologyplanet.com is a place for those with a thirst for knowledge. Be it mythology, history, or geography based, we aim to provide interesting facts for our readers as often as possible with fresh content every week. Mythologyplanet.com was set up by me, Basil, as part of a mission to spread knowledge to wider audiences. Indeed, … Read more