What is Manananggal in Philippine Mythology?

What is the Manananggal

When it comes to supernatural beings, few cultures boast as rich and diverse a mythology as the Philippines. Home to over 7,000 islands and a melting pot of various ethnicities, the Philippines is a treasure trove of fascinating legends and mythical creatures.  One of the most terrifying beings is the Manananggal, a vampire-like female creature … Read more

What is Bai Ze (白泽) in Chinese Mythology?

Bai Ze

Bai Ze (白泽)is a spiritual creature from Chinese mythology that is believed to have been dragon and goat-like in appearance. It has captured the imagination of people for centuries with its ability to impart knowledge and wisdom.  In this post we will explore the fascinating origins, appearance, and cultural significance of Bai Ze in Chinese … Read more

An Introduction to Latvian Mythology – World Mythology Series

Latvian Mythology

Latvian mythology is as rich and diverse as they come, with its own gods, beings, concepts, and history. In this post we’ll delve into the history of Latvian folklore, and take a closer look at where it all began, what are the most famous stories, and how it is relevant in modern society.  Read on … Read more