Erebus – The Personification of Darkness in Greek Mythology

Erebus - The personification of darkness in greek mythology

Greek mythology is abrim with compelling stories, larger-than-life characters, and profound symbolism. One figure that often piques the interest of mythology enthusiasts is the personification of darkness, Erebus.  But who is this enigmatic character, and what role does it play in the Greek mythological tapestry? In this post, we will explore the origins, appearance, behavior … Read more

What is Manananggal in Philippine Mythology?

What is the Manananggal

When it comes to supernatural beings, few cultures boast as rich and diverse a mythology as the Philippines. Home to over 7,000 islands and a melting pot of various ethnicities, the Philippines is a treasure trove of fascinating legends and mythical creatures.  One of the most terrifying beings is the Manananggal, a vampire-like female creature … Read more

Tengu: The Mysterious Yokai from Japanese Folklore

Tengu - Japanese Mythology

Tengu is a mythical creature from Japanese folklore that has captivated the imagination of people for centuries. This bird-like yokai has a long and diverse history, unique characteristics, and an interesting appearance that sets it apart from other creatures from Japanese Mythology.  In this article, we will explore its origins and history, appearance, behaviour and … Read more

Bakeneko: The Mischievous Cat of Japanese Folklore


If you’re familiar with Japanese mythology, you may have heard of the mysterious Bakeneko. These mythical creatures are said to be shapeshifting cats that can transform into humans and wreak havoc on unsuspecting people.  But where did the legends of the Bakeneko come from, and what do they represent in Japanese culture? Read on to … Read more

Oni – Japanese Mythology’s Fierce Demon


In Japanese folklore, Oni (鬼) are a type of supernatural demon or ogre, often depicted as horned, red-skinned, and fierce-looking creatures. These yokai have played a significant role in Japanese culture, art, and storytelling for centuries, and are still very much a part of modern-day Japanese popular culture. Read on to learn about the origins, … Read more

Gaki: The Hungry Ghosts of Japanese Mythology


Japanese mythology is home to some weird and wonderful creatures. One of the more intriguing are the gaki, sometimes known as the “hungry ghosts”. These ghostly beings are said to be the souls of people who have died in a state of extreme suffering, often due to starvation or other forms of deprivation. Read on … Read more

What are Jikininki in Japanese Mythology?


Jikininki are human-eating supernatural beings that are a prevalent feature in Japanese mythology. They are classified as gaki, which are hungry ghosts that are cursed with an insatiable hunger that can never be satisfied.  In Japanese folklore, Jikininki are some of the most feared and reviled of all gaki, as they consume not only the … Read more

What is Bai Ze (白泽) in Chinese Mythology?

Bai Ze

Bai Ze (白泽)is a spiritual creature from Chinese mythology that is believed to have been dragon and goat-like in appearance. It has captured the imagination of people for centuries with its ability to impart knowledge and wisdom.  In this post we will explore the fascinating origins, appearance, and cultural significance of Bai Ze in Chinese … Read more

Who is Ushi-Oni? Japanese Mythology’s Ox Monster

Ushi-oni The Japanese Ox Monster Girl

Japanese mythology is rich in a variety of mythical creatures, each with their unique characteristics and tales. One such creature is the Ushi-Oni, a monstrous ox demon known for its fearsome appearance and behavior. Ushi-Oni is a powerful demon of Japanese folklore, which has been a part of Japanese mythos for centuries. In this article, … Read more