Phorcys: A Primoridal Sea God of Greek Mythology

Phorcys - A Primordial Sea God

Phorcys, a lesser-known but pivotal figure in Greek mythology, reigns from the shadowy depths of the ancient seas as a primordial deity of the ocean’s hidden perils.  Son of Pontus, the primordial god of the sea, and Gaea, the mother of the Earth, Phorcys embodies the ancient Greeks’ fear and fascination with the sea, a … Read more

Greek Mythology Creation Story

Greek Mythology Creation Story

Before delving into a journey in ancient Greek mythology, it is important to understand the beginnings of the important Gods in its history. Hesiod, a Greek poet prevalent between 750 to 650 BC, is credited as an authority on the Greek Creation story. In his book – Theogony – Hesiod explains the beginnings of key … Read more

Who is the Greek Goddess of Nature?

The Greek Goddess of Nature

When it comes to the Greek gods and goddesses, there are a number of deities that represent nature in various ways. Therefore, the question of “who is the Greek goddess of nature?” is not so simple to answer. Read on to discover the different portrayals of mother Earth in Greek mythology. Primordial Deities and Nature The … Read more