What are the Haetae (해태)? Korean Mythology

Haetae - Korean Mythology

The haetae is a horned mythological beast that is prevalent in East Asian mythology. In this article, we will learn exactly what it is, why it is important, and references to the haetae in popular culture. Read to find out more about the Haetae in Korean Mythology. What are Haetae? In Korean folklore, the haetae … Read more

What are Dokkaebi? The story of Korean Goblins

What are Dokkaebi - Korean Goblins

Korean pop culture has entered the mainstream on a global scale in recent years, but little is known about Korean mythology. Yet, Korean folklore is riddled with interesting creatures and stories, each with with its own appeal. Here, we ask – what are Dokkaebi? Read on for the story of Korean goblins.  What are Dokkaebi? … Read more