What is the Mahaha? The Story of the Inuit Mythology Demon

We recently wrote about the Amarok, a gigantic and fierce wolf in Inuit mythology that preys upon humans who hunt alone at night. Here we’re sticking with Inuit mythology, and will learn about the Mahaha, a maniacal demon that haunts much of the Arctic region. 

Read on to learn all about the Mahaha. 


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What is the Mahaha?

The Mahaha - An Inuit Mythology Demon
The Mahaha – An Inuit Mythology Demon

The Mahaha is a demon with piercing white eyes that has the ability to freeze enemies with its deathly cold touch. 

The demon is a prominent feature in many Inuit tales and is usually depicted in a mischievous fashion, evilly giggling and taking pleasure in the demise. 

If you don’t like being tickled, you’ll probably hate this demon. It is often referred to as Mahaha the Tickler and, in many tales, the Mahaha has derided intense pleasure from tickling unsuspecting victims to death with its long, sharp claws. In fact, Inuit elders claim that all those who are killed by the Mahaha are left with the same expression on their face in death – a cold and pained frozen smile. 

If you want to defeat the Mahaha, you must outwit it, and this is the case in one Inuit tale. The Mahaha was terrorizing an Aboriginal tribe in the Arctic region, and the people devised a plan to fool the creature. They lured the demon to the water and tricked it to bend over to take a drink. When the Mahaha bent over, the aboriginal peoples pushed the demon into the water, and it was taken away in strong currents. 

What does the Mahaha look like?

Mahaha hunts in the snow
Mahaha hunts in the snow

The Mahaha is a grotesque creature with long, sinewy limbs and an icy blue skin color. It is piercing white eyes that stare straight into the soul. The mahaha is a slender but muscular demon, with stringy black hair that hangs from its head in a dishevelled manner. 

It has long, thin fingers with extra sharp claws at the end of them, and it is always wearing a sadistic smile on its face. You’ll probably hear the Mahaha before you see it, as the demon laughs constantly with a maniacal giggle that will send shivers down your spine. 

If one was to ever find a frozen dead body wearing a cold smile on its face, you can be certain the Mahaha was involved in some way. 

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To learn more about the Mahaha, check out the great and very informative YouTube video below by Under the Veil.

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