The Amarok Wolf – Inuit Mythology

In Inuit mythology, the Amarok is a huge wolf that haunts and preys upon those who hunt at night. It is a peculiar and interesting creature in many ways, and there is much to learn about its history. 

Read on to find out more about the Amarok Wolf. 

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Amarok Wolf – Mythology and History

The Amarok hunts at night
The Amarok hunts at night

The Amarok Wolf (sometimes spelled Amaroq) is a mythical creature that, unlike other wolves, hunts alone as opposed to in a pack. It hunts humans who go out hunting alone during the night and punishes them for their foolishness. 

It casts an imposing figure and it is believed to be a gigantic wolf with razor sharp teeth with exceptional predatory instincts. The tale of the Amarok is said to have its origins in old Eskimo stories about the now extinct direwolf.   

Of the many famous tales that involve the Amarok Wolf, perhaps the most famous pertain to those of Hinrich Johannes Rink, a Danish explorer and geologist who recounted several myths involving the wolf in Tales and Traditions of the Eskimo.

Many stories regarding the Amarok depict the wolf in a positive light. In one Inuit legend, a young boy who lacked strength and was shunned by his people prayed to the gods for extra power. The Amarok came to the aid of the boy and wrestled with him daily in order to improve his strength. Once the boy became strong enough, he wrestled and defeated three bears and, in doing so, became widely revered and respected among his people. 

Many other stories involve the Amarok Wolf being slain by a powerful warrior in order to signify their strength and combat prowess. 

Amarok Wolf Powers

The Amarok Wolf - Inuit Mythology
The Amarok Wolf – Inuit Mythology

The Amarok Wolf’s powers relate to its size. Because of its gigantic form, it has incredible strength and is a fearsome foe. 

It also is an adept hunter with extremely heightened senses that allow it to hunt unsuspecting humans during the night.
From some Inuit legends, we also know that the Amarok can be a passionate creature, as is the case with the lonely, weak boy who was cast aside by his tribe. 

Amarok Wolf Facts

  • The Amarok is a gigantic wolf in Inuit mythology. 
  • It stalks humans who are careless enough to go hunting at night alone. 
  • Unlike other wolves, the Amarok hunts alone and does not move around in packs. 
  • It is depicted in many Inuit legends in both a positive and negative light.

Other Mythical Wolf Creatures

The Amarok hunts alone
The Amarok hunts alone

The Amarok is not the only wolf present in mythology, and the animal is found in folklore across the whole world. Some of the most famous mythical wolves are:

  • Asena. A she-wolf present in Oghuz Turkic mythology. 
  • Geri and Freki. Two animal companions of Odin
  • Lupa. The she-wolf who raised Romulus and Remus in Roman mythology. 
  • Fenrir. Norse mythology’s monstrous wolf who is the child of Loki and Angrboda.

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