What is the Alkonost in Slavic Mythology?

According to Slavic mythology, the Alkonost is a mythical creature with the body of the bird and the head of a woman. It is believed to be a beautiful creature who can entice people with its charming voice and appearance. 

In this article we delve deeper into the mythical Slavic bird, discussing where the myth comes from and how it relates to other folk tales in Slavic mythology. 


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What is the Alkonost?

The Alkonost - Viktor Vasnetsov (1896)
The Alkonost – Viktor Vasnetsov (1896)

The Alkonost is a legendary creature from Slavic mythology. The creature is said to be stunningly beautiful and takes the form of a half-bird, half-human. Its bottom half is an elegant eagle-like bird, while the top half is an alluring female with long, luscious locks and strikingly piercing eyes. 

Perhaps the most famous thing about the Alkonost are the sounds it makes. Many Slavic folktales speak of the unforgettably powerful and seductive music that resonates from its mouth. In fact, it is said that when people hear these sounds, they are unable to feel happiness in the same way ever again. 

This mythical woman-headed bird is said to live in the underworld with the Russian mythological creature, Sirin. When the Alkonost lays an egg, it nearly always coincides with devastating thunderstorms, and it is particularly dangerous for those who dwell at sea. 

The Alkonost takes its name from Alycone, the daughter of Aeolus in Greek mythology. As a punishment from the gods, Alycone was transformed into a bird. 

What is a Gamayun? 

Gamayan - Viktor Vasnetsov
Gamayan – Viktor Vasnetsov

The Gamayun is a legendary mythical bird strongly associated with the Alkonost in Russain mythology. It is believed to be a very knowledgeable creature and is seen by many as the symbol of intelligence and wisdom. 

Like the Alkonost, the Gamayun is also capable of enchanting and mesmerising humans. The prophetic woman-bird creature is believed to live in solitude on a remote island near the Euphrates River, in Western Asia. 

Are there any other woman-headed bird creatures?

  • Sirin
    Sirin is another creature from Russian mythology who has the head of a woman and the body of a bird. Her bottom half is typically depicted as an owl’s body. Sirin is believed to live with the Alkonost in the underworld. Sirin is not a benevolent beast, and will often lure people into dangerous situations with her beautiful voice. 
Sirin - Viktor Vasnetov (1896)
Sirin – Viktor Vasnetov (1896)
  • Harpy
    Harpies are mythical creatures prevalent in both Greek and Roman mythology. Unlike the Alkonost and Sirin, though, many scholars and artists depicted the Harpy as an ugly creature with pale and gaunt faces. This was a result of their perpetual hunger, and they were always on the lookout for their next meal. 
Harpies - Gustave Doré (1861)
Harpies – Gustave Doré (1861)
  • Sirens
    Another creature from Greek mythology that was half-bird, half-woman is the siren. Sirens appear in numerous amalgamations of the two forms, but typically half a woman’s head and the partial body of a bird. They are well-known for luring sailors to their death with enchanting songs and alluring wiles.
Odysseus and the Sirens
Odysseus and the Sirens

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